Behold the crazy: I just ordered a Crackberry. It should be here in a few days. I'm justifying it by telling myself a) late birthday present, b) I've been working really hard lately at life and deserve something shiny and new, c) I've wanted one since high school and there's no time like the present. Either of these shall suffice.

Otherwise, life is pretty even-heeled. I'm having crazy ass dreams still. Last night I dreampt I was the pilot of a plane crossing the ocean and Tom of all people was the co-pilot and the plane went down, but when it hit the water it was suddenly a submarine and we just started swimming through the sea. You don't have to be a Freudian to get to the bottom of that dream. I also dreampt that all the people in my photo album popped out and came to life and we had a big party. Also, pretty obvious insight into that one. And I dreampt that I was my very own Dorothy a la Wizard of Oz. I didn't have the pigtails or anything, but instead of Toto, it was my cat, instead of a lion it was a Jaguar car, instead of the Tin Man, it was a giant bottle of Pepsi, and the Wizard was a humanoid form of Google. Oh, and Oz was Seattle (not all that farfetched - Seattle's nicknamed The Emerald City). WTF? And these are just the dreams I had last night.

Now I'm gonna go and enjoy my java-goodness and get ready for work. I'm really excited that I have so much time off this month because I'm getting a wee bit burnt out.


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