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( Apr. 30th, 2009 12:06 am)
Might have just signed up for a twitter account.

So far, I've gone through the entrance hutch cabinet (yick), the tool/junk drawer, the dining room closet, the cupboards above the refridgerator and under the sink, the bathroom closet, and my bedroom closet. I've still got plenty left to do, I haven't even stepped foot in the office yet. I've gotten a few boxes and bags of garbage and recycleables. I've also got one or two boxes of "not ready to get rid of yet." It's really odd, as I'm going through everything I'm coming across a ton of stuff from Tom from when we first got together. Ticket stubs and little letters and notes and the general accumulation of a relationship. They're going into the "not yet" box, but I'm not finding it as difficult to go through this stuff as I thought it would be. It actually feels kind of cathartic, like I'm putting that away where it should be. It just feels right to be packing it away. Keeping the things that meant and mean so much to me, but get it out of my everyday. Funny that I should be finally doing this with my birthday next week.

I feel like I"m turning towards better things, more productive things. We had a wonderful relationship, and if nothing else I was able to know what that felt like for a little while. So I should be happy that I got to experience it, and be thankful for that. And I am. And now, though my thoughts still drift to it, it's time to put it away and focus on things in front of me. I feel like closure is setting in.

I've decided to try for the Case Worker position at the new County Corrections building opening in a few weeks. It's exactly what I want to do, something I'm perfectly qualified for, and I think it's the right track. I'm up against 200 other applicants, but I think I can do it.

And now I think I'll sip my latte and enjoy the Rachel Maddow Show before settling down to write some more.


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