Diggin the new Black Eyed Peas album. Very clubby-ish. I approve.

Over the last three days, I've cleaned the apartment and watched about a dozen movies. Including Nick and Norah's Infanite Playlist which is in my "feel good movies" collection now along with Juno, Garden State, and Sweet Magnolias. Also watched, finally, He's Just not That Into You which is such a good movie I think I'm going to watch it again today. Seriously, if you've ever been in a relationship, in an almost-relationship, or almost in a relationship, and been confused by it, watch this. Through so much of it I was like "hey that's me. no, that's me. no, that's me!" Spectacular.

Had dinner with Justin & Cari last night and played with Cass. We had a pretty long grunt session about work, which I never tire of. It was nice, just chilling with my friends and their kid and enjoying dinner. I've been having a lot of moments later where I'm genuinely happy in the moment, and it's pretty refreshing. It doesn't make me want to leave any less, but it does make me appreciate that the things I came here for are still here and I just need to open my eyes every once in a while. I can't be so focused on tomorrow that I don't enjoy today. That said, the job hunt for the other side of the country is not going well at all. I can't find any openings anywhere to even apply to, and the few that I do are usually closed. Bah. *insert throwing up of hands in frustration here* Is it so much to ask to find a great job across the country that pays well and wants to relocate me? I didn't think so....yeah, i know.

Right now I'm trying to sit down and write, and I can't seem to focus. It could be the pot of coffee I've already had, or it could be the fact that I've got a bazillion things on my mind. Good times.
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