It was only a matter of time, really, before I finally tested out Kelly's new album. It's pretty delicious, all hurty and stabby. All good in the hood.

Last night, BC invited me out for a drink at a new bar that just opened up on the lake. Having no plans and no work today, I figured what the hell. We wound up hasing everything out talking through everything. Which was nice. And there was fun, to boot. That feels like a very much tied-up loose-end. A mended fence, if you will. I still don't trust her - that'll take a long time - but hopefully this will alleviate the "drats, I'm working with her." The only downside is that I didn't get home until just before dawn and didn't get much sleep, so I've spent my entire day off recovering. How the hell did I do that every night?

I finally got around to sitting down and watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I've been putting it off for weeks just because it's such a long movie. I loved it. If you like Notebook style movies, check this one out. It, also, is so hurty and good. The only thing I didn't like was a scene in which Brad Pitt was either wearing a mask, too much make-up, or was a stand-in in the dark. Otherwise, I thought it was done really well.

Also on my day off I cleaned out the kitchen cubards and fridge. Yick. And stewed all day over the fact that the washers are not working. Again/Still. Monday I'm going down to the office and demanding some kind of discount on my rent, or threaten to break my lease - legally of course, because it clearly states I will be supplied with in-house operational laundry equipment. As it is, I'm going to have to schlep three weeks of laundry to the laundro-mat tomorrow and spend twice as many quarters doing my laundry in public and waste most of my day off. Or I'll just be a ninny and throw a pair of dirty skivvies in the woman's face. You know, either one.

Haven't been able to get my brain to function well enough to write anything tonight - maybe tomorrow while I'm waiting on laundry.


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