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( Jun. 3rd, 2006 01:36 am)

#1) I have officially begun Final Exam Preperation Mode. Essentially this means there are four ashtrays scattered around my apartment overfilling with butts. And also that I have decided to buy stock in Caribou Coffee, and Red Bull.

#2) I am currently addicted to the Dixie Chicks. how did I never hear them and love them before? I don't know.

#3) I have also completed Phase I of Operation Pre-Parent Clense. I just spent three hours cleaning my kitchen. Now, for anyone who has seen my kitchen, you know that three hours is much too much time for such a tiny space. But trust me, it was needed. *gag* I am a bachelor. Tomorrow, I move to Phase II: The Bathroom. And I spend more time in there than in the kitchen. I'm askeered. Later this week, I'll be tackling Phases III, IV, V, and VI: Closets, Carpet, Living Room, and Windows/Mirrors.

#4) I have met someone new. Well, actually two someones new. One is Charlie, who is the sweetest guy ever. Just moved here from Boston; Architect; completed 3 degrees at Vanderbuilt. The other is Jeff. Lived in Chicago forever; owns his own chemical company and services the City of Chicago. Upcoming (as in, when I get back from my vacation) dates with both. More on them as situations develop. You can all say "whoot" if you want. I know I did.

#5) I now have only 8 days left until my graduation ceremony. And as such, I have written the following composition:



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