Maine becomes the fifth state to legalize gay marraige.

Keep 'em coming, folks.  Only 45 left to go, pending Texas and Georgia don't leave the union.
First and foremost: The word "Oktoberfist" is just...bad. And wrong. And...bad. I'm not judging the...players?...I'm just saying...Reading that makes my eyeballs hurt.

Second: Just because someone responds appreciatively to a nice greeting such as, "hey, great profile; you seem pretty cool," does not mean it is okay to immediately respond with either asking,"what are you into?", or a picture of one's self that would make even...well, me...cringe.

Third: Chatting does not = marriage. IMing with a guy for a couple weeks back and forth does not give one the right to be jealous if the other one has actual real live people to spend time with. It also does not mean that the involved parties are planning to wed and have a million gay babies. Chill out.

Fourth: "Hanging out" does not always entail nekkid olympics.

Fifth: "Friends" sometimes means just that - friends. And sometimes, that means there's no sexual tension, no crude innuendos, and no questions such as "how hung are you?" exchanged.

Sixth: Do we all have to be so passive agressive? If you're pissed, be pissed and say so. If you're hurt, be hurt and say so. Strap on a pair, men - aren't we supposed to be pre-equipped with those accessories?

Seven: I know from personal experience that it's not the hetero homo-haters we have to watch out for - it's our own group. WTF? If you don't like something or someone, don't like them. But not liking someone or something is not a valid reason to crap all over it/them or react violently to it/them. Get a grip and ask yourself: is that really harming me? Or if you're going to respond negatively to it, at least say that this is what *you* think. This is what *you* feel.

Eight: one of the greatest and most unique things about the LGBT community in general is that it's so fluid; we don't have to conform to any group/lable/ideal that we don't want. There will always be someone who appreciates who you are and what you do. And there will always be someone who does not. Honestly, isn't it just easier to be who you are and live and let live? If you want to be a fag, queer, sissy, slut, "str8", bi, "fluid", butch, dyke, bitch, queen, just do it. You're the one that has to look at your reflection, not anyone else.


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