Weird. Today's my S00per Saturday - the first of three days off. And I've woken up all kinds of moody. Had some really stab-in-the-heart dreams last night and I can't seem to shake them. So now I've spent the first hour of my weekend drinking my morning coffee and giving myself a pep talk. That sucks. But dammit, I'm going to enjoy my days off because, well, no work!

I had my otolaryngolgist appointment yesterday. Dude is seriously creepy. Like, the kind of creepy where you would not want your child in the same room unattended. But he's the only doctor available, and thankfully I don't have to deal with him much. Mostly I deal with the audiologist, who is, well...dreamy is the only word I can use do describe him. He looks like Scott Foley with grayish spikey hair. Anyway, after doing my audiology exam (extremely uncomfortable for me - it's my nam, man), we found out there has been pretty significant loss. And I'm hearing about 10 decibles below what normal conversational volume is at. I got many kudos for my ability to read lips and my speaking profficiency, though. As the otolaryngologist put it "wow, you talk pretty good." Nevermind the irony.

So, new hearing aids are my only choice. I have only a couple of options. My insurance company only pays half the total, up to $1500. For the cheapest model on the market, total is $2600. Which means the insurance will only cover $1300 and I'd have to come up with the rest. Which doesn't look likely. However, audiologist did refer me to a place called Vocal Rehab, a division of the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration, which provides financial help for canidates in need of hearing instruments but unable to afford it. He said I'm a good canidate for it, and typically when he refers someone they get the total amount of cost covered. So I have an appointment with one of their counselors next week. Hopefully I can get them to cover at least a portion, if not all of my cost. There's just no way I can come up with that much money for this anytime soon. Going through Vocal Rehab, audiologist said it would take a month or maybe two to finally get the hearing aids. I figure that's about half the amount of time it would take to raise the money myself. I really hope this works.

Now to get back to my weekend. Think I'll use my Silent Xander Icon for this.
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