Holy smokes am I tired. It involves BC, but long story short, she chickened out of an overtime shift so I wound up working 12 hours yesterday until 2:30 this morning. Which was so incredibly boring. I know I always say our shift does most of the actual work, but I just didn't even know. 3rd shift starts at 10:30 - the same time my usual shift ends. By 10:35 I'd already finished all the work and paperwork that needed to be completed for the evening, save bed checks which have to be done on the halves. It wasn't all bad though. Gave me mucho points for the higher-ups and I'm always willing to outperform BC. Plus, another 4 hours overtime on top of the 16 I've already worked this week. That goes into the Seattle account. no really, i opened another savings account specifically for my move, that's how much I want it.

I was supposed to have my appointment with the otolaryngologist this morning, but after the alarm went off at 8 and I threw the remote at the alarm clock, I called and rescheduled. I figure it was just safer for everyone.

Just two more shifts and I'm home free. And tomorrow's dress-down so I don't have to look particularily put together. Oh, and I think I'm going bowling Sunday with Justin & Cari.

Oh, also - had to change the theme here. I just couldn't do Robber's Daughter anymore. No matter how much you tweak it, it always looks the same to me. Now I just need to find a way to customize what I have now. Speaking of customization, I finally got the Forgotten Java Blog up and put together and just the way I like it. Take a look, let me know what you think.


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