Good Morning, Viet Nam LJ!

I'm awfully chipper for being up at the ungodly hour of six aye-em this morning, going for a blood draw reboot. I found the place this time, and it took about 2 minutes. It helped that this time there was a line of officers. I'm glad I went in civies, they let me cut since they could see it was my day off. It's always odd to see 3rd shifters in the morning though - like I'm looking at them upside down.

So I got my blood drawn by an almost-competant nurse (all FIVE vials!) without passing out or even getting dizzy. Go me! And then I stopped off at Stargasmbucks and got myself a nice tall coffee treat for being so good. Which I am currently sipping merrily. Chucked some bills in the mail on the way home so I won't have to go anywhere. I'm bound and determined not to leave the house at all until Tuesday except for work. I hate holiday weekends - people act like they've escaped from the special needs ward. Which probably won't happen because they still haven't fixed the washing machine, and when I went down to the first and second floor to steal their machines for a bit, I found they've all been removed. Ye gods, but management had better return or replace them quick. Or they shall suffer the wrath of me. After all, my tongue lashings are the tongue lashiest toung lashes in tongue lash town. Darn tootin. I might just be out of skivies. maybe.

However, I have plans to enjoy my single day off today by catching up on just about everything. And relaxing. And there may be a nap thrown in there somewhere.

Oh, and new Sammy Icon FTW.


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