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So um, Conversations with Dead People, anyone?  Only better?

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We're having a rash of computer breakdowns here, too. It sucks!

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Well mine is just because I'm dumb. Laptop on bed = overheating. Who knew?

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Uh, she's talking about ME. I've been having this unfair ration of bad luck with hardware this week. My old Dell lappy started overheating and when it gets warm the video spazzes out and shortly thereafter the BSOD follows.

Well, I got a new lappy, so now the Dell can get repaired when I can get to it.

Then my desktop at home. OMG. On Tuesday I came down to my lair and turned it on and... *Disk not bootable*. WTF? I get down in it to work and I hear what sounds like steel popcorn popping inside the hard drive. It was terrible. Soooo.. I got online and ordered a hard drive next day delivery - put in the new HD and reinstalled my OS and started working on loading my other software and tweaking my windows and such, and I swear I'm smelling something like an electrical fire. No obvious smoke, but that subtle ozoney smell. I poke around and realize the fan on my graphics card isn't spinning, and the heat sink is blistering hot. ARRRRG. Power down, order a video card.

So - currently awaiting a new vid card for my desktop to ship.

On the plus side, the new laptop is an awesome upgrade to the old one. I spent hours yesterday uninstalling the fuckload of Hewlett Packard *SHITE* that they load on a new system and getting everything my own goodies loaded on it.

And the new hard drive and new vid card on my desktop will be nice upgrades too, when that's done.

Lastly, my signal strength is so effing low down here in the basement, at the opposite end of the house from the router, so I ordered an access point to see if that would help. Last night I spent 2 hours trying to set that motherfucking time vampire up with no access. I'm not computer newbie, but my god they sure don't make that easy.

I'll call a friend of mine later and see if I can get him to help out with that.


I saw the opportunity to vent and took it huh? Hehehehe.

DON'T LET ME NEAR ANYONE'S COMPUTER for a while, until this plague of bad luck passes.

Thanks for listening. ;)

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Ouch! Sounds rough. Also sounds like my old Dell. Man, I hated that thing. Something was always melting or smoking or breaking or crying. No really.

Haha, vent away!!! And hopefully your computer woes are sovled!


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