Alright, so as most of you know, Geocities will be closing down here, shortly. And, as a few of those most may know, that's where my site is hosted. Original fic, fanfic, everything. I don't want to just archive my fic, I want my whole site somewhere else. So my question, to those in the know:

Is there any other service out there that any of you webmasters use or know of that can replace Geocities? My budget is, well, not. But any info you have would be much appreciated.

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We're at dreamhost. Affordable, lots of space, reliable. It's possible if you say we sent you you'll get a discount, can't remember though, heh.

Good luck!

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Right, what she said...

Dreamhost -
They've been very reliable, and quite affordable!

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totally followed your rec. it's pretty cheap, seems pretty stable, and so far easy to use. Thanks!


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