Now that I go back to work tomorrow after five whole days off...I'm sick.  I'm running a fever, nauseous, and just generally gross.  All within the last couple of hours.  Couple that with my already-less-than-cheerful demeanor today, and it's mayhem.

I did just get done Resume-Bombing America though, sent out about 200 resumes and applications over the last two hours to just about every major city in the US.  I want to be out of Indiana by summer's end.  I'm wasting my life here.

Also, to add to the craptacular Birthday, a cousin of mine was sentenced to 30 years for manslaughter in Florida. I guess the tradition continues.

Speaking of wasting, I think I'll go stew myself in a scalding bath, see if I can't make myself stop shivering.
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From: [personal profile] dreamweaver

OMG. That is a craptacular BD. And I reminded myself last night to post a BD note to you. I just got home and fired up the computer. everything is running waaayyy late today.

Anyways. Happy Birthday, and I hope you stomp that cold soon. Or maybe allergies?


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