Boo. Not enough sleep last night, so I'm cranky today. Very strange dream where there was a huge GAY party at my Grandmother's house, complete with go-go boys dancing on the dining room table. And then my grandma's brother's wife came in and shot up the place, but all that came out of the gun was glitter. It was still lethal, but the death scenes were pretty. I just don't know.

I finally got into an appointment with an otolaryngologist (ear doctor), but they can't fit me in until next week. I still need to get ahold of the insurance company to see if I can get them to cough up anything extra. Probably not, but it's worth a shot. The funny thing is that the nurse on the phone at the Dr's Office is hella rude. Maybe she's not used to adults calling who are themselves deaf, but she didn't seem to want to raise her voice above a whisper and was very put out when I told her I could hear her.

Also: Everybody was Kung Fu fighting, those cats were fast as lightning.


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