You know I'm moving on from who I used to be when I go out on a Friday night after work with some friends and only have two beers - one of them was bought for me - and am able to drive myself home. Safely. You know that's true when Sallie Mae calls and I tell them the check is in the mail - and mean it. When I wake up and brew only two cups of coffee and make oatmeal for breakfast. When I'm asked out by an aquantince and tell him, politely, no thank you - I'm not really interested in dating right now. When I'm able to laugh at myself again. I guess even without a known direction, there is still foreward momentum.

I had a pretty good heart-to-heart with Abbey last night. She's somewhat a fairweather friend, the longtime girlfriend of Matt, a frat brother of Justin's who I've gotten to be pretty good friends with. Anyway, she asked how things were going with everything last night and was genuinely interested. She's usually sweet, but she said something really nice about how I shouldn't worry so much. So what if it didn't work out with Tom? Her and Matt both said they've never though of me as "Brad & ...." but always "just Brad." (in a not-"Just Jack" kind of way, thank you very much) And that I'm someone people just gravitate to, and that I make people comfortable to talk to and am inviting. They were just really encouraging. And they're not such good friends that they would just say what I want to hear - they were being pretty honest. It's nice to know what people think of me, when they know me from arm's length.

Anyway, the point is I came home from the bar and went right to bed. And when I woke up this morning, I felt better than I have in a long time about everything. I think I'm putting things together, getting my life straightened out. And that's something I should be proud of. So I will be.


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