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( Apr. 7th, 2009 08:52 pm)
Just a random list of things that annoy me.

1. Asshat parents who literally tell their kids they don't want them home.
2. Co-workers that crave drama
3. Rewarding people who have 8+ kids - enough already, they're children, not collecter's items.
4. ANTM and its powerful addictive properties.
5. 20 degree weather in April.
6. Getting up early on my day off to go into work for -literally- a 20 minute traning session.
7. That my mom still talks to Tom on a regular basis
8. That my sister is a 6' wall of crazy
9. Spring break - aren't the kids stomping up and down the stairs supposed to be in school or something?
10. Cat hair. Love the cat, hate the shedding.
11. Two open jugs of milk in the fridge - one bad, and one good.
11-a. Finding out which is which the hard way.
12. Couch fever - I can't seem to move my ass from the couch. See #4.
13. Media storage - is it really so difficult to build a DVD case that holds more than 192 DVDs but less than 2,000 for under $300?
14. Wal-Mart. All of it.
15. The fact that I do not, it seems, have a maid in my employ.
16. Trend-Micro
17. Low bumbers and high curbs
18. Gas Station coffee - next time I'll just save myself the trouble and drink a cup of pee
19. Neighbors who don't scoop their pups' poop
20. Dust.


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